UX & UI Design, Android, iOS, Web, ML, AI


Client: Aza Health & Wellness Corp

Healthcare made simple with AI powered instant posture assessments

Project description:
DocPhyzio is an AI powered instant posture assessment that enables you to scan & track your posture with just one click. It measures postural health, risk of injury, and pain using image capture.
The information is unlocked by C.A.I.R.O. – Comprehensive Artificial Intelligence Rehab Operator that uses sophisticated algorithms based on various fields of science from physical therapy, structural engineering, to gravitational biology to analyze postural health while generating instant health reports and risk of injury analysis. C.A.I.R.O. is embedded with machine learning algorithms making it smarter and more precise with each new user and analysis.

Key features:

AI, posture analysis, posture stats, machine learning, mobile app